What is Earth Hour?

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Do You Know What the Green Economy is?

Businesses that sustain you and the planet. These companies are SOLUTIONARIES!

Businesses that sustain you and the planet. These companies are SOLUTIONARIES!

“We are happy to be recognized for our work helping central Ohio homeowners and businesses go solar and reduce the impact of climate change,” says Kevin Eigel, president of Ecohouse. “We will use the prize money to help put up a solar electric system for the Third Hand Bike Co-op, a local nonprofit organization that makes cycling accessible for everyone in central Ohio.”

Nancy Vasquez Louth, manager of the Green Broom Brigade cooperative in Lompoc, CA, says the women of the cooperative will use the award to expand beyond their green-cleaning service’s current residential focus. “Winning this prize money will definitely give us the opportunity to purchase needed equipment so that we can expand into commercial cleaning using our same green-friendly products,” she says.

And finally, Ruthie Mundell, outreach manager at Community Forklift in Edmonston, MD, says the award will help tidy things up around their overflowing reuse/salvage/home-improvement center. “We’ve recently been offered unfinished space in a nearby warehouse,” she says. The prize money can help clean and fix it up. We can finally explore some exciting possibilities – like paint recycling, an upcycling workshop, or job training in deconstruction!”

Please join us in congratulating all of our People & Planet winners and finalists.

Here’s to the growing green economy,

Alisa Gravitz,
Green America

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Tell Obama NO to Keystone XL Pipeline!

Speak Out NOW, Just ONE CLICK!

SF Rally

Stop Tar Sands

Stop Tar Sands

Environmental activists opposed to the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline project demonstrate in Portland, Oregon. Photograph: Alex Milan Tracy/Corbis

“If You Think You’re Too Small To Make a Difference…
Then You’ve Never Been in Bed with a Mosquito.”

~Anita Roddick (Founder of The Body Shop)

As I write this post, I have been up since 4:15am, OMG. WHY? Because I’m outraged that we’re even having this discussion. But I’ve learned to stop playing “The What IF Game” and Accept “What IS.” Planet Check was created over 10 years ago to raise awareness about the plight of the only home we have:this beautiful, majestic planet, Mother Earth.

The late, great, David Brower used to say:
“There is NO business to be done on a dead planet.”
So true! Yet here we are beholden to BIG OIL, GREED, & LOBBYISTS.Say it with me, people: NO to Keystone!

TODAY & TOMORROW is your last chance to take a stand & let your voice be heard!

President Obama does NOT need Congressional approval.He has the power to VETO. What happened to “Yes, We CAN?!” The People’s President? Let’s give Obama & Secretary Kerry the GIANT nudge (forget gentle!) they need to do the right thing & VETO this environmental catastrophe just waiting to happen. JOIN me & millions of others across the globe & say NO!

Once you do that, I implore you to comment below here. Please tell us your 1st name, AGE (if U R cool w/that ?) & WHERE U live.

Let’s.DO.This. Be brave, green soldier/my lil’ Planet Checker. Keep us up-to-date what’s going on in your ‘HOOD OR Neck of da WOODS, brothers & sisters of Planet Earth!
R U part of the pollution or part of the SOLUTION?

Big Respect 2U, my fellow Planet Checker.Thanks for glistening.

Earth is our Mother

Earth is our Mother

The World's Food Crisis: Stuffed & Starved

WHY are food prices going through the roof? Find out with Dr. Raj Patel, author of “Stuffed & Starved.”

Keystone Pipeline is Unconstitutional

Justice for the Planet Prevails! A Nebraskan court ruled that a law allowing the state of Nebraska to take people’s land and give it to TransCanada for the KXL pipeline is unconstitutional!


Welcome Shibuya, Japan

Shibuya, Japan 始めまして。
Thanks to Google Analytics, I revel in seeing where most of my web traffic originates from across the globe. Most visitors hail from the United States, Canada and Europe. This method narrows it down not only to the country but state and city. This post is to give a shout out to my newest Planet Checker in Shibuya, Japan.
始めまして。 Hajimemashite. (hah-jee-meh-MOSH-teh)

I’m not well versed on their environmental polices (just yet!) although en route to INDIA, I spent time on a layover at their beautiful Narita International  Airport in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. I DO know Harajuku is a fashion mecca known for young people/teens who sport their own funky, fresh designs. Thanks to Gwen Stefani’s track “Harajuku Girls.”

Plus, I’ve read that it is one of the only places where pedestrians actually wait at the crosswalk for the green light.
If you’re aware of any interesting environmental stories emanating from  Shibuya, Harajuku or anywhere in JAPAN. Please drop me a line, mo@planetcheck.com.
どうもありがとう。 Dōmo arigatō. (doh-moh ah-ree-GAH-toh)


Robert Redford speaks out

20. Naturaleza Redford speaks truth. This powerful prose from him is 10 years old. Now it’s more relevant than ever.~Mo


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Eco Fashion DO= Indigenous Designs


Scott Leonard of Indigenous Designs talks about benefits of Alpaca, eco-friendly clothing.

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Support & shop for Alpaca clothing  at :www.indigenous.com

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Are You a Cultural Creative?

LISTEN to author, Paul H. Ray on Planet Check.(:60)